Event: October Komiket 2018

I guess it goes without saying that any morning you find yourself chuckling before coffee is a good one. I had one like that last Saturday, when I found myself awake at 4 a.m., not sleepy but in no mood to get out of bed, and had this idea to deal with the movie backlog in my laptop. Since it was the early hours of a weekend morning I wanted something light and funny and entertaining, so I picked Teen Titans Go: To the Movies. Indeed, nothing beats early morning LOLs.

The day got better. At noon I found myself among the gawkers and hipsters checking out merchandise at October Komiket 2018 over at ETON Centris. Had a hard time picking out my scores but eventually settled with the following:


Mugs, a local indie comic, Breaking Bad keychains, some bookmarks and stickers, assorted back issues from DC and Marvel — I could’ve scored more, but most of the other items were either too Manga or too cute or too hipster-y for my taste, and I didn’t exactly go there awash with cash (payday was still two days away). Still, I laud the artists for their efforts, and am glad people are giving them love.

Cartoons and comics — indeed, what a Saturday.