Weird Wednesday is weird

Went to an aunt’s wake today, at St. John the Baptist in San Juan City. Condolences were offered, hands shaken, somber pleasantries exchanged. The works. You know how wakes and funerals are — despite the family reunion, you don’t exactly emerge from them brimming with positive vibes.

And so much for gloom.

Had a toxic shift today — thanks, in part, to Mocha Uson. She answered many prayers by finally quitting the government. Still, I doubt we’ve seen the last of her. Why go back to titillating drunks in bars and making sex ed videos on the side if you’ve already tasted power and found it intoxicatingly good? The 2019 elections is just around the corner…


I wish I can write about more pleasant things instead of dead relatives and controversial government appointees. I wish I can write about how awesome I think the first issue of Heroes in Crisis is, or how I think Iron Fist Season 2 sucks, or how I’m looking forward to watching Venom with my wife this weekend.

Maybe one of these days I will, when my head is clearer. I really want to write about Heroes in Crisis, and why I think those who dis it for being “cold” and “depressing” just don’t get it.

Or maybe not. Whatever.

And so much for Wednesday.