Netflix and chill

So one fine weekend morning I woke up, fixed myself coffee, fired up my laptop, and noticed that the three shows competing for my attention were all from Netflix, the best proof that God loves couch potatoes. Heroes, haunted houses, and a has-been human-horse. I thought, What the hell.

BoJack Horseman


I can’t believe I was clueless on this show until five seasons later. With an alcoholic humanoid horse as lead character, this animated satire should have popped in my radar as early as the first online buzz, but it didn’t, God knows why. But better late than never, as they say. I saw the pilot episode the other day, and judging from it, the 59-episode catch-up will be a sweet drunken journey rich with LOLs.



I’m a big fan of the Marvel-Netflix love team and was kind of sad — although not at all surprised — that Iron Fist and Luke Cage got the ax after their latest seasons. But the sadness went out the window the moment Season 3 of Daredevil got released. Not only because he’s one of my favorites comic book characters, but also because the trailers for the third season are undeniably dope (one word: Bullseye!). So in the course of three days I marathoned the season and am now down to the last three eps. Glad to say, the season is living up to its hype.

The Haunting of Hill House


I admit, I got on board because of the buzz this series has generated on social media. Seems like everyone with a Facebook account and a Netflix subscription is raving about this. Curiosity piqued, I watched the first three episodes just to test the water, and found, to my delight, if not surprise, that this is more than just jump scares. There’s a good family drama mixed in with the horror, something that reminds me of why I like The Sixth Sense more than, say, The Conjuring. And it works pretty well! I like how the show constantly builds terror instead of slapping me around with it like in those Saw and Hostel movies. Episode 6 seems to be the best example of that. The same episode also boasts of an insane set of single-take shots that was just awesome. In short, the show is one helluva horror masterpiece, and I’m glad to have paid attention to the hype this time.


The Dark Knight to my rescue?

The things I do for comics. Apparently, that includes choosing Monday night — of all nights! a night notorious for heavy traffic — to pick up my pre-ordered comics from Filbar’s Glorietta. Hyperventilating inside the van trapped in a monster gridlock somewhere in Taguig two hours after we left Makati, I realized my dumb mistake. But at least I got my comic book.

As it turned out, it was no ordinary book. A check at eBay will tell you Batman: Damned is anything but ordinary.


When it comes to comics, I consider myself more a reader than a collector. I pre-order an issue either because I like the character/s in it, or I’m a fan of the author/artist, or the pre-release blurb has somehow piqued my interest. I don’t buy an issue because I think it’d be worth big money in the future or because everybody’s talking about it.

When I pre-ordered Batman: Damned it was because it’s by Brian Azzarello and Jae Lee, and also because it’s the Dark Knight sharing pages with John Constantine, two of my favorite characters in comics. The fact that it’s the first issue under DC Black Label and is described as “supernatural horror” was a plus. Certainly, I had no idea it would generate so much hype that, less than a week after its release, a copy would be worth as much as $199.99 on eBay.

And now comic geeks on Facebook are describing Batman: Damned as their “early retirement.” Wow. Joking, perhaps, but with fingers firmly crossed, I bet.

Such a happy thought — that this issue could be worth a fortune years from now. Who knows? Maybe when I was losing my mind in that horrible Monday night rush hour traffic, I was actually securing for myself an early escape from the daily grind. Screw lottery, Batman is the way out…

Did she just punch an old lady in the face?


Call it coincidence: Hours after I weighed the pros and cons of throwing an old lady out of a moving van (couldn’t help it, she was being obnoxious, picking on a toddler who won’t stop crying), I saw Brie Larson punch one in the face. I cheered. And afterward I felt, well, happy.

I was — and still am — happy because the trailer for Captain Marvel has finally dropped, and it was an awesome trailer, up there with Avengers 4: Infinity War, and not because I loathe old people. And it’s not just me; the comments sections are fat with generally positive reviews. Captain Marvel, after all, could be the most anticipated MCU movie since Infinity War — thanks, in part, to that movie’s post-credit scene. You know, the one where Samuel Jackson yelps, “Mother…”

And so the long wait begins. On Facebook, trying to be cute, I wrote, “Can we skip all this Christmas nonsense and go straight to March 2019 already?” It was a joke, of course, as I dig the holidays — the cool weather and the 13th month cash and all that. But still, March 2019, the month Captain Marvel hits the cinemas, can’t come any sooner. Fingers crossed the wait will be worth it.