Weekend bullets #2


The last Komikon of the year took place on Saturday and Sunday, and as much as I would have liked to be there on those two days just to gawk and chat and stroll, I was only available on Saturday afternoon. Except for the hellish traffic I went through coming to the venue, it was still a fun experience, as evidenced by the bagful of comics I came home with. So I was a couple of thousand pesos poorer, so what?

Other highlights of the weekend:

  • Spent an afternoon in Megamall all by myself, with lunch at Yoshinoya and a visit to Filbar’s to claim my comics for the week (Domino #8);
  • Started watching the new DC series Titans (I like that it’s violent and gritty, and has Minka Kelly playing Dove);
  • Finished reading The New Avengers 2 TPB;
  • Went to a kiddie party in faraway Kalentong with the girls;
  • Rearranged by graphic novel and comics collection because of the new additions.

And now I face another Monday thinking weekend should be a four-day thing.


Event: October Komiket 2018

I guess it goes without saying that any morning you find yourself chuckling before coffee is a good one. I had one like that last Saturday, when I found myself awake at 4 a.m., not sleepy but in no mood to get out of bed, and had this idea to deal with the movie backlog in my laptop. Since it was the early hours of a weekend morning I wanted something light and funny and entertaining, so I picked Teen Titans Go: To the Movies. Indeed, nothing beats early morning LOLs.

The day got better. At noon I found myself among the gawkers and hipsters checking out merchandise at October Komiket 2018 over at ETON Centris. Had a hard time picking out my scores but eventually settled with the following:


Mugs, a local indie comic, Breaking Bad keychains, some bookmarks and stickers, assorted back issues from DC and Marvel — I could’ve scored more, but most of the other items were either too Manga or too cute or too hipster-y for my taste, and I didn’t exactly go there awash with cash (payday was still two days away). Still, I laud the artists for their efforts, and am glad people are giving them love.

Cartoons and comics — indeed, what a Saturday.

The Dark Knight to my rescue?

The things I do for comics. Apparently, that includes choosing Monday night — of all nights! a night notorious for heavy traffic — to pick up my pre-ordered comics from Filbar’s Glorietta. Hyperventilating inside the van trapped in a monster gridlock somewhere in Taguig two hours after we left Makati, I realized my dumb mistake. But at least I got my comic book.

As it turned out, it was no ordinary book. A check at eBay will tell you Batman: Damned is anything but ordinary.


When it comes to comics, I consider myself more a reader than a collector. I pre-order an issue either because I like the character/s in it, or I’m a fan of the author/artist, or the pre-release blurb has somehow piqued my interest. I don’t buy an issue because I think it’d be worth big money in the future or because everybody’s talking about it.

When I pre-ordered Batman: Damned it was because it’s by Brian Azzarello and Jae Lee, and also because it’s the Dark Knight sharing pages with John Constantine, two of my favorite characters in comics. The fact that it’s the first issue under DC Black Label and is described as “supernatural horror” was a plus. Certainly, I had no idea it would generate so much hype that, less than a week after its release, a copy would be worth as much as $199.99 on eBay.

And now comic geeks on Facebook are describing Batman: Damned as their “early retirement.” Wow. Joking, perhaps, but with fingers firmly crossed, I bet.

Such a happy thought — that this issue could be worth a fortune years from now. Who knows? Maybe when I was losing my mind in that horrible Monday night rush hour traffic, I was actually securing for myself an early escape from the daily grind. Screw lottery, Batman is the way out…

Events: Planet X 10th Anniversary + Collecticon 2018

For two days in less than a week I found myself splurging on comics. Couldn’t help it. The ads screamed “Sale!” and it was such a siren song for me — Solenn Heussaff inviting me to a private pool party. The flesh is weak, resistance is futile, yadada.

Last Friday night, at Glorietta 4, I celebrated the death of another workweek by digging through boxes and boxes of comics — Marvel, DC, Image, Boom, Dark Horse, what have you — at Planet X Comic Shop, which was having its 10th Anniversary Sale. (The sale was until Sunday, and on Saturday they had the likes of Leinil Francis Yu, Stephen Segovia and Carlo Pagulayan doing signings, but because I live faraway, I was only there Friday night.) It was exactly what I imagined myself doing weeks ago, when I first heard about the event, and I would’ve braved hell and high water to be there.


Digging through boxes of comics may sound like a simple task, but it still took me about an hour to choose what issues to purchase. The selection was just too awesome. Aside from the fat stacks of single issues, they also had TPBs at 30% to 50% off. Finally, after wrestling with indecision, I settled with the following:


Planet X damage was P700. Not really big money, but considering that days ago I spent almost P1,000 on comics at Collecticon 2018 in Megamall, then it really becomes a dent in the ol’ budget. I told myself to worry about that shit later.

The Collecticon loot:


And so my read pile got bigger while my wallet got thinner. Story of my nerd life. I emerged from Planet X thinking I should lie low and catch up on my reading. After all, I have to save up for November’s Komikon XIV where I expect National Bookstore to mark down their TPBs and HCs to as much as 80%. Now, that sounds like early Christmas shopping…