Class performance

SEP082459_1._SX360_QL80_TTD_Warren Ellis’ run of the Thunderbolts is such a good run that it bears re-reading. I have some of those comics on single issue, but when I chanced upon a collected edition of Caged Angels in Booksale I knew it would be foolish not to score it, especially at such a ridiculously low price. Today I started re-reading it.

Was on leave from work today to watch the kiddo perform at school. It was a dance performance, about the importance of family bonding in the midst of handheld technology. It was a good performance. The kids gave their all and you could tell by their faces that they wanted to impress the audience, which was their parents and teachers. I could only imagine the grueling one-month almost-daily practice they had. My kid was not able to attend all of them, as she came down with a flu that sidelined her for several days, but she still performed well, and for that we are proud of her.

Actually, we’re proud of them all for that awesome show. What a way to build camaraderie among these kids. Seeing them hug and congratulate each other after their two-hour performance was a sight to behold.

And with that my Christmas season has officially started.


Miss Universe fever

cleanContinued with Venom: Along Came a Spider today, a trade paperback I started reading last week. Finished the story arc about Hybrid. Digging the 90s feel of it, but not much.

Catriona Gray fever here today in the Philippines. Many thought her winning this year’s Miss Universe pageant was the next best thing that ever happened to our country since Pia Wurtzbach won the same crown in 2015. Indeed, much has been said about beauty queens and our mad love affair with them. My thoughts on Catriona? She really deserves the title. Also: Wow, those legs.

In other news: Attended a Christmas party today. Won P5,000 in the raffle. Not bad. Of course I had to come home late and sleep late because of it. Considering that I need to be up by 2:45 a.m., I expect tomorrow’s shift to be a long one. Strong coffee will come in handy.

‘Sundays are different’

sundayDitching the usual weekend bullets to try a different tack. Why wait for the New Year to try something new, anyway?

The “new,” as I visualize it, is to churn out semi-daily posts with a comic issue as a jump-off point, then go on from there. The issue may be the best one I’ve read up to that point, or the most notable for one reason or another. Or it could be the only one I read, like “Sundays are Different,” the Jamie Delano-penned issue #33 of Hellblazer and the only comic book I’ve read on this particular Sunday.

This Sunday is indeed different. I was feeling good from having spent a night at the F1 Hotel Manila at the swanky Bonifacio Global City. It was our 12th anniversary, and the wifey and I decided to celebrate it with a little “staycation.” Yesterday, with our little nine-year-old in tow, we watched Aquaman at Uptown Mall, dropped by Filbar’s for my weekly comics fix, had merienda at the Hello Kitty Cafe, and watched the Disney-themed light show at the Ayala Triangle in Makati. We could’ve done a lot more, as the night was still young, so to speak, but the kiddo was already tired and grumpy, so we went back to our hotel room instead where the wifey watched a local movie about aging lesbians on cable and I fought and eventually lost a battle with sleep. So much for celebration.

And now it’s Sunday. Toyed with the idea of going to Megamall for the last day of the Toycon Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair 2018, but the thought of heavy traffic and huge crowds turned me off. I’m not happy about it, but I gotta save energy for Monday.

And then I remembered I still have an issue left before I finished Volume 4 of Hellblazer.

Weekend bullets #2


The last Komikon of the year took place on Saturday and Sunday, and as much as I would have liked to be there on those two days just to gawk and chat and stroll, I was only available on Saturday afternoon. Except for the hellish traffic I went through coming to the venue, it was still a fun experience, as evidenced by the bagful of comics I came home with. So I was a couple of thousand pesos poorer, so what?

Other highlights of the weekend:

  • Spent an afternoon in Megamall all by myself, with lunch at Yoshinoya and a visit to Filbar’s to claim my comics for the week (Domino #8);
  • Started watching the new DC series Titans (I like that it’s violent and gritty, and has Minka Kelly playing Dove);
  • Finished reading The New Avengers 2 TPB;
  • Went to a kiddie party in faraway Kalentong with the girls;
  • Rearranged by graphic novel and comics collection because of the new additions.

And now I face another Monday thinking weekend should be a four-day thing.

Dear Stan


Well, shucks. That was one helluva morning jolt you gave me, man. Stronger than with cheap 3-in-1 coffee. You’re gone, and suddenly my day looked dreary. Le sigh.

But you’re not gonna be gone ‘gone,’ are you? Your legacy will live on long after we’re all dust. If not in movies, cartoons and comic books, surely on the covers of notebooks, on T- shirts, in toy lines. Heck, here in the Philippines, your legacy is even splashed on the sides of public utility jeepneys. You’re everywhere, man.

Still, the world seems a colder place without you.

And I can’t imagine seeing future Marvel movies without your crazy cameos.

Like billions of others, I owe you a big THANK YOU. Lots of social media tributes out there, but I’ll borrow Seth Rogen’s: “Thank you Stan Lee for making people who feel different realize they are special.”

Thank you, man. Thank you very much.


Retail therapy

Last week had been particularly stressful. I went home from work on Thursday thinking of doing a Chris McCandless — leave everything behind and live a quiet life in the woods. Or someplace rural. I was convinced city life is driving me mad.

But the next day was a rebound. I credit sleep, Friday vibes… and a bunch of TPBs scored on sale at Filbar’s in Megamall.


What can I say? Retail therapy, man. Also: these comic books — as well as the dozens of unread paperbacks and magazines I’ve accumulated through the years — will make good companions if ever I decided to push through with my fantasy of living a life of complete solitude in the woods. Maybe it sounds puerile, but I don’t think I’ll ever abandon that daydream, especially considering the shit I have to deal with on a daily basis.

For the meantime, I ride this roller-coaster city life, with an eye on the next Filbar’s sale.

Event: October Komiket 2018

I guess it goes without saying that any morning you find yourself chuckling before coffee is a good one. I had one like that last Saturday, when I found myself awake at 4 a.m., not sleepy but in no mood to get out of bed, and had this idea to deal with the movie backlog in my laptop. Since it was the early hours of a weekend morning I wanted something light and funny and entertaining, so I picked Teen Titans Go: To the Movies. Indeed, nothing beats early morning LOLs.

The day got better. At noon I found myself among the gawkers and hipsters checking out merchandise at October Komiket 2018 over at ETON Centris. Had a hard time picking out my scores but eventually settled with the following:


Mugs, a local indie comic, Breaking Bad keychains, some bookmarks and stickers, assorted back issues from DC and Marvel — I could’ve scored more, but most of the other items were either too Manga or too cute or too hipster-y for my taste, and I didn’t exactly go there awash with cash (payday was still two days away). Still, I laud the artists for their efforts, and am glad people are giving them love.

Cartoons and comics — indeed, what a Saturday.