Work on a holiday, get rewarded by the cosmos

One thing that still bums me out despite the fact that I’ve been working in the media industry for almost two decades now is having to work during holidays. I used to shrug it off when I was an inspired young gun just carving out a career for myself; now that I have a family with whom I want to spend as much time as physically possible, it becomes a major source of sadness.

But the cosmos has a way of rewarding me. Last August 27, National Heroes’ Day, the reward came in the form of a Metallica biography by Mick Wall that I dug from a Booksale bin for P205. I call it a reward because if I hadn’t gone to work that day, I wouldn’t have passed by Booksale on my way home, and that book would’ve been snagged by some creep who will probably not read it.


The P205 tag price was actually kind of steep by Booksale standards, but so what? It’s Metallica, baby! Also, the book’s in mint condition. No dog-eared pages, no smudges on the cover, no scrawlings by previous owners. You don’t usually find books in that condition in Booksale, a secondhand bookstore.

In other words, I hit jackpot. And for that I’m a happy camper floating through another tedious workweek.


Of spies and Keri Russell’s eyes

What’s in my head these days: spies, assassins, Spetsnaz, the Kremlin, CIA, the KGB, strange men in trench coats, agents, double agents, Keri Russell’s eyes, snow, lots of snow, Keri Russell’s eyes, secret meetings, the FBI, Keri Russell’s eyes…


It all started with Red Sparrow. The movie version got me curious enough to pick up the book I scored on a whim one rainy night in July while me and the girls were seeking shelter at Fully Booked BGC, but haven’t touched ever since. My two cents: the book is waaaay better than the movie (Joel Edgerton is a good actor, but he’s too old and bored looking to be Nate Nash. Why not Taron Egerton? Or Boyd Holbrook? As for Jennifer Lawrence: she’s hot, but her fake Russian accent is not).


Anyway, all this espionage shit has put me in the mood to finally check out The Americans, an FX series about a pair of KGB spies living in the US as an ordinary couple and which features, yes, Keri Russell’s eyes. I watched the entire Season 1 in a week; now I’m having a break by juggling Castle Rock and Preacher episodes before I plunge on Season 2 for more of Keri Russell’s e… er, KGB adventures!


It’s like entering a new world, all this espionage and Russia and KGB stuff. So now I’m thinking perhaps it’s high time for me to read John le Carre, or even Ludlum. Why not? It’s never too late to be a late bloomer on something.

Here I go again

Stuff I can’t seem to stop myself from doing: smoking, procrastinating, worrying, overthinking, eating bad cholesterol, watching porn (yeah, yeah… just occasionally, but still), and starting a new blog. My previous blog had been cool. I was updating it regularly until a new work schedule killed my rhythm. Next thing I knew three months had gone by without a single update, and I just lost interest. I tried updating it about a week ago, but it felt weird — like I was updating someone else’s blog! Some blogger I am.


So here I am again cranking out another “first entry,” this time borrowing the title of an old Whitesnake song. I could be corny like that.

Like the old one, this new blog will also be about the other stuff I can’t seem to stop myself from doing, namely watching movies, following TV shows, reading comics/books/graphic novels, visiting bookstores, attending concerts, listening to music, admiring nature, being a family man, biking on crisp weekend mornings, and consuming art like it’s going out of fashion. What can I say? Life can be a big steaming pile of turd, and I need my escape routes.

So there. Hoping  — again — that this will be the start of something great and exciting.